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Product Code:APLH440D

Attractive high temperature, plastic, semi-vitreous, body for reduction fired iron stoneware. Displays an attractive mottled surface with a range of deep reds and browns when fired in cone 10 reduction. Contains significant amounts of iron stone concretion particles which melt vigorously in high temperature reduction and which blossom on the base surface and bleed up through glazes. It is not a vitreous body, it stops short of complete maturity to retain interesting color. It is best suited for decorative pieces large or small (vases, bowls, planters, etc.). It's lower fired strength means that it is not suitable for fundtional ware. Has a fairly high drying shrinkage and thus care and attention during drying are necessary for larger pieces, especially flat plates, shallow bowls, and sculptural ware.

Cone: 8-10
Wet Color: Dark Brown 
Fire Color
                Oxidation: Greenish Tan w/Very Fine Speckles
                Reduction Cone 10: Dark Red/Brown Speckled
Texture: Moderately Sandy
Average Shrinkage
                Oxidation Cone 8:   4,5-5,5%
                                 Cone 10: 5,0-6,0%
                Reduction Cone 10: 5,0-6,0%
Average Water Absorption
                Oxidation Cone 8:   4,0-6,0%
                                 Cone 10: 3,0-4,0%
                Reduction Cone 10: 2,5-3,5%
COE x 10-6:  N/A

* Protect from freezing.
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