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Product Code:APLH440GD

High temperature, grogged, medium plastic, non-vitreous body for reduction fired sculptural pieces. Blend of a refractory white fireclay, a highly stained and speckled bentonitic material, some fine sand and two red burning clays. Its formulation is different than the standard H-440 mix, having materials that add more speckle and texture to the fired surface. Compared to H441G it is less plastic and feels coarser; it is not as refractory and thus is more likely to warp in the kiln if shapes are extreme (while its grog content provides extra stability during firing, it is not as resistant to warping as is H-441G). While not fully vitrified, it does mature enough to pose some warping problems with severely overhung or extreme shapes.


Cone: 6-10
Wet Color: Brown
Fire Color
                Oxidation: Speckled Dark Leather Tan
                Reduction Cone 10: Speckled Dark Brown-Red
Texture: Very Coarse
Average Shrinkage
                Oxidation Cone 6:   3,5-4,5%
                                 Cone 10: 4,5-5,5%
                Reduction Cone 10: 4,5-5,5%
Average Water Absorption
                Oxidation Cone 6:   8,0-10,0%
                                 Cone 10: 6,0 - 8,0%
                Reduction Cone 10: 5,0 - 6,0%
COE x 10-6: N/A

* Protect from freezing.
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