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Product Code:APLH441GD

High temperature, grogged but fairly smooth, plastic, non-vitreous, refractory body for reduction fired handbuilding and sculpture. Made from 50% of a high coal very white burning plastic fireclay along with 18% grog and a mix of stoneware and ball clays. Good for sculpture and other types or work where forms are subject to warping in the kiln (i.e. overhung, appendages sticking out, shapes lacking strength). Fires much whiter than typical sculpture clays. Does have some soluble salts discoloration on the surface enhancing textures and contours on unglazed pieces (in reduction firing). Although H-441G does throw quite well, it is not recommended for functional ware because of its refractory nature.

Cone: 8-10
Wet Color: Dark Grey 
Fire Color
                Oxidation: Speckled White-Buff
                Reduction: Speckled White-Buff (with Small Gray Areas)
Texture: Lightly Coarse
Average Shrinkage
                Oxidation Cone 8:   4,5 - 5,5%
                                 Cone 10: 5,0 - 6,0%
                Reduction Cone 10: 5,0 - 6,0%
Average Water Absorption
                Oxidation Cone 8:  7,0 - 9,0%
                                  Cone 10: 6,0 - 9,0%
                Reduction Cone 10: 6,0 - 9,0%
COE x 10-6: N/A

* Protect from freezing.
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