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Product Code:APLM332GD

Mid-temperature, medium plastic, semi-vitreous, native handbuilding and sculpture body. Made from seven different clay materials with 15% ,20 mesh grog added. Contains a highly bentonitic pyritic clay which gives the body its earthy visual surface character and encourages the development of speckle. Most suitable as a sculptural body for medium temperature. The recipe of M332G differs from M-332 (not only M-332 with added grog to the latter). It has more of the red burning clays both to make up for the lightening influence of the grog and produce a warmer color. 

Cone: 4-7
Wet Color: Brown
Fire Color
                Oxidation Cone 5: Warm Red
                                 Cone 6-7: Brown
Texture: Coarse
Average Shrinkage
                Oxidation Cone 4: 2,5-4,0%
                                  Cone 7: 4,0-5,0%
Average Water Absorption
                Oxidation Cone 4: 9,0-11,0%
                                 Cone 7: 4,5-6,5%
COE x 10-6: N/A

* Protect from freezing.
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