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Product Code:APLM390D

Mid-temperature, finely ground, very plastic, semi-vitreous, native body for functional ware. Contains more of native Redstone material than any other body. Processed to 100 mesh particle size and is intended to produce ware with a clean, unblemished glaze surface. Very similar in composition to the M-350 and shares the very fine natural smooth character. It is however more plastic. Its darker color tends to limit it to specialized glaze effects. Contains 5 different clays, each of which is quite balanced on its own.

Cone: 4-6
Wet Color: Dark Brown
Fire Color
                Oxidation Cone 4: Warm Red
                                 Cone 6: Dark red                
Texture: Smooth
Average Shrinkage
                Oxidation Cone 4: 4,5-5,5%
                                  Cone 6: 5,5-6,5%
Average Water Absorption
                Oxidation Cone 4: 4,0-5,5%
                                 Cone 6: 1,5-2,5%
COE x 10-6: N/A

*Protect from freezing.
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