1. Protection of Personal Information


This Privacy Policy has been established in order to comply with  the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector. It applies to the processing of personal information that we collect in person at our Laval facility or through our website.


To contact the person responsible for enforcing privacy policies ("Privacy Policy Enforcement Officer"), write an email to


This policy may be amended to comply with legal, technological, or policy changes that may occur after this policy is established.


1.1 Definition of Personal Information


According to the law, personal information is any information that relates to a natural person and can be directly or indirectly identified.


2 Collection of Personal Information


Sial collects and stores your personal information for the following purposes:

-          To enable future transactions when you create an account with us;

-          To deliver products or services when you make online purchases;

-          To provide a quote in response to your request;

-          To complete a purchase, when you make in-person purchases that require personal information (for example, for a delivery).

-          To respond to you when you submit comments or requests for information to;

-          With your consent, to send you emails to inform you of our promotions, new products available. You may withdraw this consent at any time by clicking on the link in the email sent to you.

-          With your consent, to conduct a credit assessment in order to establish discounts on your purchases and to provide you with payment facilities.


3 How is personal information collected?


-          When you create an account, we ask for your name, billing address, phone number  ,  and email address.  You may, if you wish, enter other personal information on your account profile. In this case, your consent will be considered implied. If you give a password, then it will have to meet the requirements requested.

-          When you make purchases on the website, you must have a customer’s account. If you have not entered a credit card number in your account, you will be asked to provide one. This information is not retained by Sial.

-          When you request a quote for the acquisition of a product or service, your name and email address are required. If you wish to have your purchases delivered, your full address is required in order to calculate the shipping costs. By providing any other personal information, you implicitly give permission to use that data in order to prepare a submission.

-          When you make a purchase over the phone, we fill out an order form in your name and ask for a phone number to contact you. If you come to the store, only this information is required. If you wish, you can leave your address and a credit card number to expedite the processing of your order (this will not be kept on file); Otherwise, we will contact you to complete the purchase.

-          When you make an in-person purchase at the store for an item that is not in stock. A purchase order is then issued with your name, billing  addressphone number and  email address.  If you leave  a credit card number, your consent is implied and the credit card will be used to charge your order; otherwise we will contact you and proceed with the payment without retaining the credit card number.

-          When you apply for a discount and payment facilities as a major customer, we may require information in order to conduct a credit assessment. The information is collected by personnel assigned to this task. You must explicitly agree to provide the information in writing on a form designed by us for this purpose.

-          When you submit comments or requests for information to Only email is required in this case. If you provide additional information, your consent is considered explicit. The information collected is deleted after we have responded to you.


4. Who on Sial's staff has access to my personal information?


Staff have access to your personal information only if it is necessary for their duties.


5. Sharing Personal Information with Service Providers


Sial does not sell the personal information it holds.


Sial shares your personal information with third parties who help us provide products and services. The service providers retained by Sial operate in Quebec and comply with  the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector. They are in the following categories:

-          Carriers;

-          Moneris, which is involved in credit card payment.

-          IT service providers. They are in the following categories:

  1. k-eCommerce - for hosting our servers;
  2. k-eCommerce - for the design and maintenance of our website;
  3. ACCEO Solutions - for the maintenance of our management system.
  4. Cyberimpact - To send emails about our new products and promotions.


Sial employs consultants residing in Quebec:

  1. For the analysis of anonymized data to improve the management of the company.
  2. To implement programs that facilitate order management. In this case, the only personal information to which the consultant has access is the client's name.


Otherwise, we disclose your personal information only when permitted or required to do so by law, such as by a subpoena issued by a judge.


6. Where is personal information held?


Your personal information is hosted on our server in Laval in a room dedicated to this purpose. They are used in our website hosted by ACOMBA e-commerceACOMBA e-commerce complies with recognized certifications in addition to complying with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.


Your written communications and credit score results are stored in directories that are not accessible from outside the physical institution.  The information contained in the credit report is destroyed after one year or after the completion of the transaction that required the credit check.


7. How long is my personal information retained?


If you have purchased a product or service, your name, billing address, shipping address, telephone number is kept for as long as necessary for legal purposes.


The information in your customer’s account is retained for as long as it is active. They will be destroyed after 7 years of inactivity.


The credit reports on files are deleted after 1 year or immediately after the transaction for which they were requested is completed.


To deactivate your account, contact us at The information contained in this account will be deleted.


8. How do I remove my personal information?


You can delete your customer account by contacting us at


By deleting your customer’s account, you will no longer receive promotional emails about our products from us. Written communications and credit evaluations will also be removed from our records.


Some personal information will be retained for lawful purposes.


9. Changes to Personal Information


The personal information we hold about you is present in your customer account and you can change it at any time.


If you ask us to make the changes, we will send you an attestation by return email.

The applicant may be charged a reasonable fee for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of this information. The estimated amount will be communicated with the production of the document.


In case of refusal, we will explain the reasons for it.


10. Requesting Access to Your Personal Information


You can request what personal information we hold about you by contacting us at


You may access personal information as a representative, heir, successor of the deceased, executor of the estate, beneficiary of life insurance or death benefit, spouse, ascendant or direct descendant of a deceased person by contacting us at We will get back to you within 30 days.


The applicant may be charged a reasonable fee for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of this information. The estimated amount will be communicated with the production of the document.


If we deny access to personal information, we will explain why.


11. Non-Consented Personal Information


If you believe that we have personal information to which you have not consented (for example, a customer’s account that you did not create), write to We will delete this information and send you an attestation by return email. In case of refusal, we will explain the reasons for it.


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